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We Fund Raise!  We are honored to help reach your goals!

~ 15% Of Designated Sales Go To 'Yo Organization ~
We support (for example):
- Sports Teams             - PTA/PTO
- School Clubs             - Booster Clubs
- Scouts                     - Any Non-Profit Organization
- Youth Groups            - Bands
- National and Local Charities              
You'll be provided with all you need for a successful event:
  • Facebook artwork/Email blast artwork – all you have to do is send it to teachers and they can distribute it to the students.

  • A flyer that you can print and distribute to the students a few days before.

  • We create a Facebook Event on our Facebook page. You can too if you want, we will provide you with a Facebook event header.

  • You don’t have to be there! Our Team Members will take care of everything.

  • If anyone wants to leave cash donations in your bucket, we will forward those directly to you.

  • Your money will be available on the Monday after your fundraiser – no waiting!

For questions, or to book your fundraiser, contact us at one of our locations.​
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